Soymilk Beverage Know-How

ProSoya can assist you in producing great tasting beverages using the ProSoya Process. This unique state-of-the-art patented technology utilizing airless cold grinding which prevents oxidation related nutrition degradation, and flavor and mouth-feel problems. It’s the same technology that established some of the best selling soymilk brands, including Silk in USA, SoNice in Canada, Soya Tnuva in Israel and Staeta in India. Our improved beverages have smooth mouth-feel, outstanding non-beany taste and excellent formulation to appeal to discriminating palate. Our juice-soy beverage and smoothie formulations with up to 7 g protein per 250 ml serving have absolutely no soy taste. Creamsicle (Unilever Trademark) like taste of Creamy Orange is loved by mainstream consumers of all ages. We have now added great tasting Peach Mango and Pineapple Banana smoothies. These are hit at any party, with or without added sodas or/and alcohol. Also, we have traditional formulations: Original or Plain, Vanilla, Chocolate, Mocha, Orange Shake, Strawberry Shake, etc., most with ZERO soy taste.

Soymilk & Almond Milk Bases

ProSoya manufactures soymilk base at 10-11% solids for sales to eastern US and Canadian users. The extract is sold in tanker loads for large scale users and in bag-in-a-box totes (220 gallons and larger) for medium scale users. Deleted a sentence. Pure almond milk base is produced at up to 5 times concentration of normal almond milk.

Peanut Milk & Flax Milk

ProSoya now has the technology and know-how to economically manufacture great tasting peanut milk and flax milk. The beverages are fortified with calcium and vitamins and are highly stable in ESL as well as shelf stable (aseptic) packagings.

ESL Co-Packing

ProSoya can co-pack your low-acid products in ESL pouches up to 1.33 L or 1/3rd gal in capacity, put 3 of them in 4 L or 1 gal bags, and case them 12 L or 3 gal boxes under your own label, subject to reasonable volumes. The ESL shelf life is up to 120 days. This packaging format is great for environmentally conscious consumers and for food service industry. Our current capacity is over one million cases annually that can be tripled on demand.

Product Development

We can develop products for you that will provide you the leadership in your market using our extensive knowledge of the field, and the equipment in our pilot plant, including:

  • VS40 Bench Top System including tofu making
  • VS200 Soymilk Continuous System
  • Continuous Tofu Curd Making System
  • Flash Gas Chromatography Equipment
  • Pilot HTST Pasteurizer
  • Pilot Homogenizer
  • Pilot Yogurt Making System
  • Pilot Frozen Dessert Machine
  • Mass Flow Meter
  • Moisture Balance
  • Pilot Membrane Separation
  • Digital Microscope etc.
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