Soymilk Systems


Produce 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 8,000, 10,000 and 20,000 L/H of soymilk base at 10% solids or up to 40,000 L/H of soy beverages. These are the most advanced continuous production system with truly continuous soybean soaking system. They provide real-time monitoring of soymilk yield to maximize it by optimizing operating parameters. They are suitable for integration with large-scale aseptic and pasteurized product packaging lines and for making spray dried soymilk powder. The systems are shipped mounted on one or more skids depending upon the size of the plant and options desired. Larger system can be custom designed and built. There is a very low installation and commissioning cost for these systems. Operations and maintenance is simple and requires minimum training of personnel. Special systems are offered for making soymilk base with solids up to 15% and higher concentration, and for making only the soymilk powder.


  • All ProSoya’s large continuous systems are designed, fabricated and automated to operate optimally at their rated capacities.
  • Real time yield measurement for process optimization
  • Two-stage cooking allows soymilk base functionality control depending on down-steam processing.
  • Soymilk base is high-pressure homogenized immediately after produced for improved stability during storage and downstream processing.
  • Includes a number of process and equipment patents including the “airless cold grinding” technology.
  • Process parameter display and controls automated using large display panels and touch screen inputs, and remote security protected access capabilities.
  • Most process components and vessels mounted on SS skids and system pre-tested before shipping for quick installation and commissioning.


  • Easy to operate, clean, and maintain.
  • Produces a non-beany soymilk base with smooth mouthfeel, excellent protein yield, and high functionality.
  • ProSoya soymilk does not leave a chalky mouthfeel or bitter aftertaste present with most processing methods.
  • The soymilk base makes excellent beverages, yogurt, ice cream, tofu, etc.
  • The soymilk base can also be concentrated and spray-dried to produce a soymilk powder with high solubility and dispensability in water.
  • No chemical treatment or additives.
  • Uses any good quality soybean without de-hulling and still makes an excellent soymilk base.
  • Okara, the fibrous byproduct, is a good source of dietary fiber in human foods and animal feeds.
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