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It’s a Matter of Taste!

ProSoya technology employs a patented process to produce a “non-beany” soymilk base of pleasant cereal-like taste.

The lipoxygenase enzyme is responsible for the beany flavor of traditional Asian soymilk. The ProSoya process of airless cold grinding of soybeans in water keeps this enzyme dormant during the grinding phase to extract most soya solids in water. The enzyme is eventually inactivated along with the trypsin inhibitors while cooking the soya-water slurry. The process thus prevents the denaturing of soya protein and other solids and their adhesion to fibers in soybeans prior to or during their extraction into water, the problem common to all processes employing hot grinding of raw beans or cooked beans.

As a result, the soymilk yield of ProSoya’s process is excellent while providing high product functionality. Oxidation free grinding means better nutrition quality. Any residual off-flavors are stripped with vacuum deodorization equipment, which is provided with all but the smallest systems. This has advantage when soymilk is formulated into certain beverages and is unnecessary if soymilk is to be used to make soymilk powder, tofu, deserts, etc.

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