Soymilk Systems

VS 200

Produces 200 to 250 L/H of soymilk base at 8% solids or up to 300 L/H of soy beverages in a compact skid mounted configuration. Includes vacuum deodorization and one stage centrifuge. This system has been developed for those who wish to produce soy beverages and foods using ProSoya’s process without paying production royalties and for whom the smaller ProSoya system is inadequate. Also suitable as a pilot scale system for large producers.


  • A truly continuous system similar in design to VS1000 and larger systems at a fraction of their cost, that can be used as a production as well as a pilot plant.
  • Uses ProSoya’s patented “airless cold grinding” technology.
  • Built-in CIP capability
  • All skid mounted stainless steel construction for quick commissioning


  • Easy to install, operate, clean, and maintain
  • Produces a non-beany soymilk base with smooth mouthfeel, excellent protein yield, and high functionality
  • ProSoya soymilk does not leave a chalky mouthfeel or bitter aftertaste present with most processing methods
  • The soymilk base makes excellent beverages, yogurt, ice cream, tofu, etc.
  • No chemical treatment or additives
  • Uses any quality of soybean without de-hulling and still makes an excellent soymilk base
  • Okara, the fibrous byproduct, is a good source of dietary fiber in human foods and animal feeds.
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