The ProSoya Advantage

ProSoya Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of plants and equipment using advanced soymilk technology. It conducts ongoing research and development related to the food industry in general and soyfoods in particular. It also offers expertise in the formulation, production, and packaging of value-added soymilk products.

Our Solutions

ProSoya proudly offers leading edge technology and quality equipment at reasonable prices. Whether you need a small piece of equipment or large scale turnkey plant we have the know-how and experience to satisfy the most discriminating customer.


  • The ProSoya Process produces a smooth, neutral tasting, nutritionally superior extract.
  • Provides a flexible base for a variety of great tasting formulations to give competitive advantages.
  • Extracts more protein without oxydation and denaturing prior to or during grinding process.
  • No oxidation means that there is no problem in formulating low pH juice-soy, carbonated and cultured products.
  • Can be spray dried with solubility similar to skim milk powder and 50% more protein.
  • ProSoya now offers almond, peanut, and flax milk technologies, know-how and formulations that are the best in the industry on all three counts – cost effectiveness, product taste and nutrition.

What We Offer

We offer advanced technology and equipment for producing great tasting soymilk beverages, tofu, yogurt and other soyfoods, similar to those produced by its existing customers and licensees in 40 countries. We also provide know-how for soymilk products, including low calorie soymilk beverages in ESL and aseptic shelf stable packaging, soymilk extract, cultured products, and frozen desserts. Now we also offer technology, know-how, and formulations for producing great tasting almond, peanut, and flax beverages.

Our Technology

ProSoya technology employs a patented process to produce a “non-beany” soymilk base of pleasant cereal-like taste. The lipoxygenase enzyme is responsible for the beany flavor of traditional Asian soymilk. The ProSoya process of airless cold grinding of soybeans in water keeps this enzyme dormant during the grinding phase to extract most soya solids in water. The enzyme is eventually inactivated along with the trypsin inhibitors while cooking the soya-water slurry.

Our Customers

ProSoya technology is currently being used in more than 45 countries. Our customers include DuPont, Kraft, Soya World, SunOpta, and Unilever. There are large-scale processing plants in Bolivia, Canada, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Russia and USA. Over 1000 small, to medium-scale plants are located all around the world. ProSoya has technology transfer agreements with companies in Russia and India for the manufacture of smaller soymilk systems under license. Customers include institutions, hospitals, schools, nonprofit organizations as well as small, medium and large commercial operations, including underutilized dairies.
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