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Tofu Production

Every thing you need to produce tofu ranging from small manual equipment to large continuous curding and forming system (patented) in all stainless steel and sanitary design.

Tofu Boxes

Made in knock down four piece configuration, these tofu boxes of proprietary design are available in two sizes: 8″ x 12″ and 12″ x 18″. Tofu can be pressed to any desired height up to 3″. Tofu boxes have highly sanitary design – all stainless steel.

Pressing Tables

Made entirely in stainless steel, these tables are sanitary in design. A standard table has three pressing stations equipped with air presses. Air presses swivel around a stainless steel column for easy handling of tofu boxes under the presses. Height of each press is also adjustable to facilitate stacking of tofu boxes.

Cooling Tanks

Fabricated in stainless steel, these tanks have polished welds and rounded edges and corners to meet sanitary design standards. Water flow is such that maximum cooling is achieved with minimum water flow. The standard tanks size is 36″ x 24″ x 16″. However, cooling tanks can be custom built in any size and capacity.


ConTofu is a patented tofu curding system suitable for producing a variety of tofu curds. It has a continuous curdling system that heats or cools soymilk continuously to the curdling temperature, injects the coagulant in the gently flowing soymilk through a holding tube, and then partially removes the whey. The curd is now ready to direct to the tofu forming boxes and pressed Tofu curd is produced in this sanitary stainless steel system untouched by human hand. Ask for our VCT system that integrate soymilk and tofu curd making in a single continuous set up starting from soybeans. Available in capacities ranging from processing 100 – 600 kg of dry soybeans per hour. Smaller and larger systems can also be built.

Soy-Yogurt Production

From formulation and pasteurization of soymilk to mixing and incubating it with culture to packaging it, ProSoya has it all. Made with North American dairy sanitary standards, the equipment is available in all sizes. And ProSoya has a proprietary bacterial culture that makes great tasting soy-yogurt.

Set Style Soy-Yogurt Systems

In these systems the soymilk is first pasteurized and then cooled. ProSoya’s proprietary culture and other ingredients are then added and well mixed. The cultured milk is then packed and sealed in appropriate containers. The containers are placed in an incubation chamber or room for 4 to 5 hours during which time the soy-yogurt sets in-situ. For “fruit at the bottom” type of product the desired fruits, duly processed, are placed in the bottom of the containers before filling in the cultured milk. After the setting time the containers are moved to a cold room. The equipment supplied for production of this type of soy-yogurt comprises a jacketed/insulated agitated tank of appropriate capacity. Two such vessels may be supplied for larger production facilities. The agitating and heating arrangements are designed so as to avoid protein burn-on and for intimate mixing of the culture. The filling/sealing and incubation facilities are not normally within the scope of supplies.

Stirred and Drinkable Soy-Yogurt Systems

The operation of these systems is similar to that of set style yogurt except that after mixing of the culture the agitation is stopped and the soymilk is allowed to set to yogurt in the vessel. After incubation is completed (8-10 hrs) the product is simultaneously cooled and stirred. After which it is withdrawn using a positive displacement pump and packaged. For drinkable yogurt the stirred yogurt is thinned to the required consistency by adding sterile water with agitation. Other ingredients may also be added at this stage. After packaging the soy-yogurt is stored in a cold room. The equipment for the production of this variety of yogurt is similar to that for the set-style yogurt except that the size and number of vessels required is larger and an additional chilled water tank and heat exchanger are needed.

Soy-Yogurt Bacterial Culture

This proprietary culture makes great tasting soy-yogurt and does not require the addition of sweetener for the curding process. If you have been repeatedly disappointed with the cultures for making soy-yogurt, you will be pleasantly surprised with ours.

Existing System Upgrading

ProSoya can undertake the upgrading existing soymilk and tofu production facilities to increase capacity, improve quality, enhance scope, reduce pollution, and minimize energy consumption The existing systems that use older technologies can be upgraded to use the latest ProSoya technology to maximize yield and product quality and minimize water consumption and effluent discharge. In addition, ProSoya offers the most advanced and automated tubular UHT sterilizers and pasteurizers, homogenizers, aseptic fillers, product formulation systems, mixing tanks, chilled soymilk storage tanks, automated and manual CIP systems, etc.

UHT Sterilizers & HTST Pasteurizers

Automatic UHT sterilizers and HTST pasteurizers are manufactured in a range of capacities up to 20,000 liters per hour. These meet the European and American quality standards for operations throughout the world.


These are manufactured in capacities ranging from 250 L/H to 20,000 L/H, some up to 700 bar (10,000 psi) maximum pressure or 560 bar (8,000 psi) operating pressure. The pressure may be manually controlled, or hydraulically controlled. The rate of flow can be varied by using a variable frequency drive offered as an option.

Aseptic and ESL Form-Fill-Seal Fillers

These fully automatic machines are manufactured in single head and double head configurations with filling speeds up to 8000 pph. Pouch capacity ranges from 100 ml to 1333 ml.

Formulation Systems

Used for extracting soymilk from cooked soya slurry and simultaneously for washing okara to obtain thin soymilk for grinding soybeans instead of water. Greatly improves soymilk yield. Capacities are suitable for 1000 L/H and 2000 L/H soymilk plants.

Mixing Tanks

These are fabricated in capacities ranging from 1000 L to 10,000 L and larger. Insulated, jacketed, high-shear mixing and automated options are offered.

Chilled Soymilk Storage Tanks

These are available in capacities ranging from 5,000 L to 20,000 L and higher, vertical and horizontal configurations. These are insulated and have dimple jacket in 15% to 30% surface are of the tank for cooling. One ort more stirrers are provided to maintain even temperature and keep the product inside homogeneous. Chiller is optional.

CIP Systems

The automatic and manual CIP systems are built in various capacities from 1000 L to 20,000 L, 2 tank and 3 tanks arrangements. Smaller system are fully skid mounted.

Aseptic Buffer Tanks

Used for intermediate storage of soymilk and dairy products under commercially sterile conditions prior to delivering to an aseptic filler – 5000 L to 20,000 L.

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