Soya Milk Machines

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Soya Milk Machines

Prosoya is a manufacturer of soya milk making machines, equipment and processing plant. We offer advanced technology, machines and equipment for producing great tasting soya milk beverages, tofu, yogurt and other soy foods, similar to those produced by its existing customers and licensees in 40 countries. We also provide know-how for soy milk products, including low calorie soy milk beverages in ESL and aseptic shelf stable packaging, soy milk extract, cultured products, and frozen desserts.

ProSoya technology used in its soya milk machines employs a patented process to produce a “non-beany” soymilk base of pleasant cereal-like taste. The lipoxygenase enzyme is responsible for the beany flavor of traditional Asian soymilk. The ProSoya process of airless cold grinding of soybeans in water keeps this enzyme dormant during the grinding phase to extract most soya solids in water. The enzyme is eventually inactivated along with the trypsin inhibitors while cooking the soya-water slurry. The process thus prevents the denaturing of soya protein and other solids and their adhesion to fibers in soybeans prior to or during their extraction into water, the problem common to all processes employing hot grinding of raw beans or cooked beans.

As a result, the soymilk yield of ProSoya’s process is excellent while providing high product functionality. Oxidation free grinding means better nutrition quality. Any residual off-flavors are stripped with vacuum deodorization equipment, which is provided with all but the smallest systems. This has advantage when soymilk is formulated into certain beverages and is unnecessary if soymilk is to be used to make soymilk powder, tofu, deserts, etc.

Soya Milk Making Machines & Systems

AVS 1000/2000/4000/8000/10000/20000

Produce 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 8,000, 10,000 and 20,000 L/H of soymilk base at 10% solids or up to 40,000 L/H of soy beverages. These are the most advanced continuous production system with truly continuous soybean soaking system. They provide real-time monitoring of soymilk yield to maximize it by optimizing operating parameters. They are suitable for integration with large-scale aseptic and pasteurized product packaging lines and for making spray dried soymilk powder.

The systems are shipped mounted on one or more skids depending upon the size of the plant and options desired. Larger system can be custom designed and built. There is a very low installation and commissioning cost for these systems.

Operations and maintenance is simple and requires minimum training of personnel. Special systems are offered for making soymilk base with solids up to 15% and higher concentration, and for making only the soymilk powder.This advanced soymilk technology is designed and fabricated to strict North-American food industry standards, using only high quality food grade components and materials

Features of ProSoya’s Soya Milk Machines

  • All ProSoya’s large continuous systems are designed, fabricated and automated to operate optimally at their rated capacities.
  • Real time yield measurement for process optimization.
  • Two-stage cooking allows soy milk base functionality control depending on down-steam processing.
  • Soy milk base is high-pressure homogenized immediately after production for improved stability during storage and downstream processing.
  • Includes a number of process and equipment patents including the “airless cold grinding” technology.
  • Process parameter display and controls are automated using large display panels and touch screen inputs, and remote security protected access capabilities.
  • Most process components and vessels mounted are on SS skids and systems are pre-tested before shipping for quick installation and commissioning.

Technology Benefits – of ProSoya’s Soya Milk Making Machine

  • Patented airless grinding process prevents denaturation of protein and eliminates oxygen which permits grinding of beans in cold/warm water.
  • Low oxidation means easy to formulate low pH juice soy blends, carbonated and cultured products.
  • Upto 15% higher protein yield with lower calories.
  • Flexibility for producing both beany and non beany flavours.
  • Adaptive to hot grind, de-hulled beans and grits.
  • Truly continuous bean soaking system.
  • Low power and utility consumption leading to lower production cost.
  • Pretested skid mounted system, saving time during erection and commissioning at customer premises. Plug and play system.
  • Easy cleaning with CIP system.
  • System built in accordance to world standards like USFDA, GMP, HACCP, CE etc.
  • Fully automated system.

Customer/Product Benefits – of Our Soya Milk Machines

  • ProSoya provides complete solution for achieving the highest Palatability factor of soy milk products – acceptance by mainstream consumer, even by children.
  • ProSoya solution yields the lowest cost products – better Price affordablity factor by mainstream consumer.
  • Produces a smooth, neutral tasting, nutritionally superior soy milk base.
  • Provides a flexible base for a variety of great tasting formulations to give competitive advantages.
  • Excellent taste – non beany, non-astringent, non-chalky with no sedimentation (settling)
  • Consumers get all the benefits of whole soy including the micro nutrients from the soy bean hulls.
  • Produces a non-beany soy milk base with smooth mouthfeel, excellent protein yield, and high functionality.
  • ProSoya soy milk does not leave a chalky mouthfeel or bitter aftertaste present with most processing methods.
  • The soy milk base makes excellent beverages, yogurt, ice cream, tofu, etc.
  • The soy milk base can also be concentrated and spray-dried to produce a soy milk powder with high solubility and dispensability in water.
  • No chemical treatment or additives.
  • Uses any good quality soybean without de-hulling and still makes an excellent soy milk base.
  • Okara, the fibrous byproduct, is a good source of dietary fibre in human foods and animal feeds. Dried Okara can also be used in the confectionary industry for biscuit manufacturing

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