ProSoya has now set up a demonstration and testing facility in Ottawa to add to its existing pilot plant based on VS200 system. The facility comprises a 2000 l/h soymilk production line, a formulation system, an automatic tubular UHT sterilizer; an aseptic form-fill-seal machine, and an automatic CIP system. Utilities include 2000 kg/h steam boiler, 100 RTon chiller, etc. The power available for testing includes 600 V, 460 V, 380 V, 208-230 V in 3 phase, and 110 V and 220 V in single phase. All systems sold by prosoya are thoroughly tested prior to shipping and customers are encouraged to see their systems operating before releasing final payment. Customers interested in launching the product in advance of their own production can have their products made at the demonstration plant while waiting for their own facility to start producing.

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