Realizing that making tofu remains to be a complex, manpower intensive operation, ProSoya has started to offer systems that integrate soymilk and tofu curding in a continuous operation. These systems make soymilk and tofu curd continuously from soaked soybeans with minimum labor input. All one needs to do is to direct the hose delivering the curd to the tofu forming boxes and press, and the tofu blocks are ready to cut and pack. For value added products, one need not form and press the curd. These Canadian fabricated continuous soymilk and patented curd making systems are made to 3A sanitary standards. The VCT2000, that can process up to 300 kg of dry soybeans per hour (600 to 750 kg tofu per hour depending on the firmness), is only US$299,900 including 3 soaking tanks and CIP. We can custom design and fabricate larger or smaller systems to suit your requirements. The curd can also be spray dried to make tofu powder.

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