Customers who aspire to produce the best tasting and highly nutritious products without heavy investment in equipment can now do so as a company in Bolivia is doing. This company has bought a VS1000BB system for less than half the price of a standard VS1000 system. VS1000BB has all the key technology features of the standard VS1000 system but soaking and moving the soybeans to the machine are manual as are the controls, and there is no okara rewash and soymilk chilling. Nevertheless, the product quality is identical to that from the standard system. This system is especially economical if one already has a packaging line or wishes to use a co-packer to formulate and package the soymilk. All ProSoya systems are designed in such a way that they can easily be maintained at low cost using local resources without bringing expensive parts and maintenance people from overseas. Even installation and commissioning are very simple as most of the system is pre-assembled on a skid. In addition, ProSoya can provide complete know-how and formulations for soy beverages, yogurts, desserts, etc., as well as on-going technology and product development support.

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